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Fortnite: is a Turtle-shaped Temple coming to the neighborhood?

In the famous Battle Royale developed by Epic Games has just begun the highly anticipated Season 8 of Fortnite, which brought with it numerous changes.

Among these we find some innovations within the Map of Gioco, in which new locations have appeared. Among these we find Scalini Scatenati and Laguna Languida . If the former houses some mysterious Temples the second has instead seen on its banks some Pirates, whose debut in the Game had been suggested by some teaser images published by Epic Games in the days immediately before the launch of the new season.

Well, the activity of the numerous dataminer at work trying to find out some new information on the evolution of Fortnite seems to indicate that those born at Scalini Scatenati may not be the only Temples to appear on the Game map. An Active user on Twitter with the nickname "Skin-Tracker" has in fact underlined the possible appearance of a Temple in the shape of Tartaruga within the area of ​​the District . You can view the design of this alleged new structure attached to the tweets available at the bottom of this news

We remind you that, following the launch of the Fortnite Season 8, the District changed its location: currently it is located between Crocevia del Ciarpame and the new Lagoon Languida. As usual when we talk about rumor or leak we remind you that such information is not official. To find out if a Turtle Temple will actually arise in the area of ​​the District, we have to wait for any confirmation from Epic Games.

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