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Fortnite: Kyle Artificiiner is now available in the event store

In the last hours the Fortnite Salva il Mondo event shop has been updated with a new and exclusive hero: the legendary builder Kyle Artificiere .

The particular character can be purchased in the event section of the store and, like all items in this section of the game store, will only be available for a limited time. The cost of this constructor is perfectly in line with that of the other legendary heroes, or 2,800 pieces of gold . If you do not have the necessary amount, know that you can easily accumulate it by completing all kinds of missions or daily challenges. You can also get some extra bars by increasing the difficulty of the missions by depositing one or more blubs, even if the amount of additional rewards you get will not be particularly high. As already seen in other manufacturers, Kyle Artificiere can place an Esca, make a Scatto Taurino and climb up his Torretta R.O.S.I.E . Instead, using the hero in the support team, you can activate the Anti-bomb Suit bonus, which will give you additional armor points.

We remind you that in the shop you can also buy the ninja Hybrid, a hero inspired by one of the skins Beginning of the Battle Pass of Season 8. Waiting to see new heroes from the Royal Battle, we remind you that Sacking Shores was surrounded by some mysterious diggers and something could happen soon. It also appears that the timed mode with Thanos is about to return just in time for the launch of Avengers: Endgame. Finally, according to some rumors, the Inferno Package could make its debut tomorrow.

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