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Fortnite: new confirmations on the return of the Omega Challenges

Already a few days ago we told you about the possibility of the return of the Omega Challenges in Fortnite with Season 8, given their appearance in the Challenge Menu, which had intrigued the fans of the game, especially those

These are challenges that date back to Season 4 of Battle Royale and that allowed to advance the skin level Omega . If the rumors prove to be true, they would be to unlock new challenges for players who had already completed previously.

Epic Games for the moment continues to keep quiet about it, but YouTuber thought about it GhostNinja which on Fortnite enjoys a good popularity, to enrich the voices, telling himself almost sure of his arrival in his latest video.

There would also be an encouraging precedent in this regard: the skin Skull Trooper obtained during the first events Fortnitemare at the time when the game still did not enjoy the immense popularity of today, whose owners were rewarded with a special version of the skin , while the new users could only get the classic version.

It was a kind of thanks from the software house to the fans of the first hour, so there would be no It would be strange if we decided to proceed in the same way also with the challenges in question.

For the moment, while awaiting officiality or denial, we can only wait for developments in the situation. Would you like to see them coming back?

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