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Fortnite: new skins on May 16, a video shows John Wick in action!

The update of Fortnite shop on Thursday 16 May is not particularly rich in news and has mostly skins already published in recent weeks, now available for purchase again. Interesting news instead regarding the costume of John Wick taken from the homonymous film saga …

Among the new objects of today we find the epic skins Nightwitch and Shaman ( 1,500 V-Buck each), the Moonbone pick (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck), the Bracer and Verge costumes (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck each), the Diverge hang glider (800 V-Buck, Rare), the pick Clean Cut (Uncommon, 500 V-Buck), the Electro-field music package (Rare, 200 V-Buck), the Daydream and Twist emotes (Epica and Rara respectively, on sale at 800 and 500 V-Buck) and the Birdie skins at 800 V- Buck (Uncommon).

Fortnite Skin John Wick

Far more interesting, on the other hand, the novelties that emerged on the Fortnite skin by John Wick, new leaks show the costume in action and allow you to get an idea more complete on the general quality of the model and on the accessories, including a gold coin-shaped back. It is still unclear when it will be possible to unlock this skin, tied together with Wick's Bounty Challenges that could start today, along with Fortnite's Week 2 Challenges.

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