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Fortnite: Ninja loses his head at Pacific Park and promises not to return!

The frequent visitors to the Twitch page of Ninja know that the most famous Fortnite player and player in the world does not particularly like Pacific Park and has not visited for several months, since before the start of Season 7 winter theme.

The other day, however, the star of Fortnite Battaglia Reale has tried to compromise with his (disproportionate) ego making, after months of absence from that quadrant of the island, a deployment between alleys of Pleasant Park. And the reception received, as we could easily guess, was not the most pleasant.

"I hate Pacific Park more than anything else!" he actually exclaimed Ninja after having witnessed the demolition of his alter- ego through a well-aimed blow to the head by one of the many players stationed in the area.

"This is the worst place where you can land guys" he then continued the streamer venting his frustration on the structures architectures that dominate the quadrant of the island of Pacific Park, but not before adding that "is nothing but a f *** or cluster of buildings, you are struck by every house and every direction because it is a damn cube of houses in which everyone has at their disposal an optimal angle from which to center you ".

Excluding the eccentric and deliberately exaggerated reactions of an established and popular streamer like Ninja, in fact the Pacific Park area is one of the s the most heavily criticized by Fortnite's users due to the high density of buildings and the incredible amount of crates present inside the architectural structures that make it up, but also because of the impossibility, by the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battle Real, to use the construction functions in that particular quadrant of the map.

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