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Fortnite: Raptor, Shining Bombarolo and Team Leader of the Cuddles in the Shop

The wait for the arrival of the Fortnite 8.50 patch becomes more and more spasmodic and the upper echelons of Epic Games invite all the fans of the most famous battle royale in the world to turn off the hype with a pouring rain of skin, emote and objects of the Store with which to personalize their character.

As often happens just before the publication of an update, once again the virtual bazaar by Fortnite Battaglia Reale offers a particularly wide range of objects and " in neutral tones, "perfect for all types of users.

Before Epic makes the new update available and launches the crossover Fortnite X Avengers Endgame event, Fortnite Shop offers a range of costumes including Raptor, Shining Bombarolo and Coccole Team Leader, together with the Arctic Assassin and Armadillo skins.

Below you will find the complete list of Featured and Daily items purchased i in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale Shop for all day today, April 25th:

Featured Items

  • Raptor – costume and decorative back – 2.000 VB
  • Shining Bombarolo – costume and decorative back – 1.200 VB
  • Team Leader of the Cuddles – costume and decorative back – 2.000 VB
  • Party animal – collection tool – 1.500 VB
  • Rainbow Strike – collection tool – 1.500 VB
  • Coccola Paw – collection tool – 800 VB

Daily Items

  • Breakdance – emote – 800 VB
  • Oscilla – emote – 500 VB
  • Hooked – hang glider – 500 VB
  • Ghost Ax – pick-up tool – 800 VB
  • Armadillo – costume – 800 VB
  • Arctic Assassin – costume – 800 VB
  • A Life to the Maximum – emote – 500 VB
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Regarding the latest Fortnite news, we report to all the explorers of the island of the shooter free to play by Epic that the disconnection phase and from the servers that will anticipate the arrival of Fortnite update 8.50 will officially start at 11:00 and should last for an hour.

Did you also know that the dataminer would have discovered that the mysterious metal structure surfaced from the dried-up lake bed of Sponde del Sac Non would be a bunker but a real spaceship? In addition to the Marvel heroes of the Endgame crossover event (here you will find our review of the new Avengers movie), therefore, the Fortnite multiplayer universe could soon be the center of an alien invasion, perhaps coinciding with the beginning of the Season 9.

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