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Fortnite Save the World: Unveiled the new hero system of Season 8

Fortnite v8.00 update that will sanction the official Season 8 pirate-themed edition will not only overturn the battle royale island of Epic Games but On the contrary, it will also bring many innovations to the PvE challenges of the Save the World mode, starting from the Heroes system.

According to the advances provided by the US authors, during the Season 8, the fans of Save the World can use a brand new hero equipment that will consist of well seven elements (one commander, five support members and one team advantage): each of them, moreover, will no longer be defined by a complete set of static advantages but, on the contrary, it will focus on one specific advantage to change and combine according to one's own game preferences.

Always starting from Season 8 of Fortnite, the lovers of the PvE activities of Sa The World will have access to new Heroes (including the Mythic Heroes ) and will have the possibility to modify the equipment with functional elements and purely aesthetic variations. No less important, from the purely content and fun point of view, it is then the promise of the introduction of a new system of rewards for the activities carried out, of the function of Restoring Objects, of the Launched Launch for those approaching only now to this mode and an overall update of the gaming economy.

For all the news concerning Fortnite Battaglia Reale that we expect from February 28th with the start of Season 8, finally, we leave you to this in-depth article by Antonio Izzo .

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