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Fortnite Season 8 arrives: announced l

The debut of the Season 8 of Provided is now imminent. The latter will in fact make its debut during the day of Thursday, February 28, ready to welcome the news?

To confirm the approach of the introduction of new content is the same Epic Games which has recently informed the public of the time when the Battle Royale will turn out offline . As you can see at the bottom, in fact, the official Twitter account of Fortnite has released two tweets dedicated to the topic. In the first of these, we read: " Ahoy, friends! Season 8 is approaching and the X indicates the place! Inactivity begins tomorrow, February 28 at 4 AM ET" . The time indicated corresponds to the hours 10:00 of the Italian time zone. The second Tweet also informs the Community of Fortnite that the dimensions of the update will be greater than the usual update.

In less than 24 hours the Players will finally be able to discover firsthand what Epic Games decided to prepare for the launch of the Fornite Season 8. Over the last few days, the Sofware House has spread some clues on Twitter, which seem to point to the arrival in-game of pirates, snakes and dangerous creatures. Some rumor also suggest that Bosco Blaterante could be a location particularly interested in events that will upset the island again. Curious to learn more? At the launch of the Season 8 of Fortnite very little is missing!

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