Fortnite Season 8: Challenge Search Treasure Chests in different Indicated Locations


Finally, the players of Fortnite Season 8 can devote themselves to the new Challenges of Week 2 . In this mini-guide we explain how to complete the one that requires to find 3 coffers in different places indicated in a single game.

Fortnite Season 8: Challenges Week 2


Pass of the Battle

To complete this challenge you will have to open three treasure chests in three different places indicated, in a single game. The places indicated are all those locations on the island of Battaglia Reale that have a name, such as Paradise Palm Grove, Pole Peak and Languide Lagoons (you can see them all in the map at the bottom of the page).

To make life easier, we suggest you play in the team squash mode since the respawn will be active in the latter. So you just have to land on the island and open three treasures inside three different places indicated. To complete the challenge, do not forget to complete the game, otherwise the objectives will not be counted.