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Fortnite Season 8: is about to sprout a volcano on the

The teaser images of the Season 8 by Fortnite Battaglia Reale are spasmodically feeding the expectations of fans of the multiplayer shooter of Epic Games for the launch of the new season which, presumably, will be pirate-themed. [19659002] Parallel to the usual dataming operations that accompany the publication of the updates of Fortnite by the American authors of Epic, in these convulsed days that anticipate the final ingame event of the Season 7 the community of the most famous battle royale in the world is in fact trying to analyze the teaser images of Season 8 in the hope, in so doing, to catch as much information as possible.

Making a collage with the three shots published by Epic, Fortnite fans who frequent the numerous subreddit dedicated to the free-download -to-play have already discovered the shape of a skull. But there are those who have gone further and, impatient to solve the enigma, has copied the third image of the collage to ideally fill the void left by the fourth image: the result of this "experiment" highlights the shape of a ' unusual natural structure reminiscent of the steaming caldera of a volcano in the process of explode .

The eruption of a volcano, therefore, could be the most important moment of the event ingame that will sanction the beginning of Season 8, as suggested by the increasingly frequent earthquakes and the devastation of the area of ​​Bosco Blaterante announced by the dataminer and, more recently, by the authors of Epic.

The innovations of gameplay and changes that will take place from February 28 on the island of Fortnite Royal Battle will serve at the top of Epic Games to refresh the game dynamics of their online shooter and respond, although to the growing popularity of Apex Legends.

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