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Fortnite Season 8: the new Challenges of Week 2 start today

While players all over the world are busy facing the challenges of the first week of Fortnite Season 8, the new Challenges of Week 2

Fortnite Season will start shortly. 8: Challenges Week 2


  • Inflicts (?) Damage to Supply Delivery
  • Inflict (?) Damage to enemies with a Pirate Cannon
  • Eliminate (?) Enemies in Borgo Bislacco or Montagnole Maledette

Pass of the Battle

  • Search for treasure chests in (?) Different named locations in a single game
  • Phase Challenge: Get () energy from apples / medikit
  • Phase Challenge: Land on the Quarter / Scatter Staleo / Pole Peak / Beaches Snob / Paradisiac Palm Grove
  • Visit the northern, southern, eastern and western points of the island

As you have probably noticed, the amount of damage, the energy or the the number of enemies to defeat necessary to complete the challenges, or even the exact amount of the expected premiums. Week 2 of Fortnite Season 8 will begin this afternoon at 3:00 pm, Italian time, so you still have time to continue to dedicate yourself to current tasks, among which we find a volcanic conduit in different matches and inflict damage with a gun and a explosive weapon.

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