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Fortnite Season 8: where to find the Pirate Cannons and how to use them

The new Season 8 of Fortnite has introduced several novelties on the island of the Royal Battle, including a new type of weapon: the Pirate Cannon . In this mini-guide we explain where to find them and how to use them.

Cannons are randomly scattered across the island of Fortnite Battle Royal, with a greater concentration at the pirate camps. Therefore, if you want to find one as soon as possible, we advise you to visit the aforementioned camps found in the following locations:

  • North of Lava River
  • On the hill to the northwest of Lande Letali
  • North-west of Condotti Confusi
  • South-west of Pacific Park
  • Near the bridge of Paradise Palm Grove
  • North-west of Laguna Languida
  • West of Ripante Stantio

As you can see on the map at the bottom of the page, in these places you will find the pirate camps: take a look inside them to find a cannon to use. How do these weapons work?

Once you find a cannon you can use it in two ways: for shoot cannonballs or for shoot yourself in the air . The first option is simple. Just walk up to the cannon, aim and shoot. You will not have to worry about loading cannon balls, although there will be a short cooling period between one shot and another. Each cannon also has a limited amount of health, so opponents can try to destroy it if you are not careful.

Being hit directly by a cannonball will inflict well 100 damage while they will suffer 50 when you are near an explosion

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Also get fired in the air by a cannon is simple. Simply follow the in-game commands to jump inside it. The only drawback is that you can not aim from one side to the other while you are inside the cannon. So the best solution is to work with a teammate who can aim for you.

Once you are ready, explode the blow to make yourself shoot in the air. You can cover considerable distances and land with a powerful thud that can inflict damage and destroy structures or trees. Also you can not use any parachutes in midair. So once the cannon is on, all you can do is sit back and see where you land.

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