Fortnite Skin Marshmello: loading screen as a gift to the owners of the costume


Recently, the Marshmello skin of Fortnite has created many problems, so much so that Epic Games was forced to deactivate it and remove it from the online store. To apologize, the company now offers a small bonus …

Starting today, all those in possession of the skin in question will receive an exclusive loading screen dedicated to the Marshmello event, which has been so successful last few months, so as to get to involve over ten million players.

It should be noted that the loading screen is intended exclusively for owners of the skin Marshmello while those who attended the event will not receive the screen . To redeem your gift it is mandatory to update the game to version 8.01, patch available since yesterday and which brought as many gifts as the Map of Buried Treasure and a new limited-time mode, Couples Slideshows .

On you will find also the guide to unlock all the phases of the Skin Black Heart of Fortnite, take advantage to add this rare costume to your cupboard.