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Fortnite still under accusation for having used the dances without permission

As now seems to occur periodically, Epic Games was again accused of having used some celebratory dances without permission in the famous Battle Royale Fortnite . This time the charges start from the duo formed by Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley, who lash out against the "Running Man Challenge".

According to the prosecution, the two would have invented the dance in 2016, when they played on the same college basketball team in Maryland. Epic Games would therefore be illegally profiting from the popularity of a dance invented by others.

Nickens and Brantley then sued the software house for $ 20 million, plus legal fees and a request to cease sales and distribution of in-game dance.

"Epic has copied the dances and movements of various African American performers, without asking for their authorization", reads the document of the accusation . "The software house uses Running Man and other expressions, to create the false sensation of having invented them, and at the same time to put in a bad light the artist who is the real author, insinuating that he wants to exploit the popularity of the game"

The accusation of the two could however break against the precedent of a few days ago that gave wrong to Alfonso Ribeiro who also had sued the authors of Fortnite because of the insertion not authorized by the Carlton Dance. What's more, it seems that the real authors of the dance in question are not the two of them, but Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, appeared in an episode of the show of Ellen which you can find the video in top of the news.

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Presumably, therefore, the story will end in a void. Appointment to the next lawsuit.

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