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Fortnite: Tfue del FaZe Clan finds a bug in the Vending Machines

The Fortnite professional player Royal Battle Turner Tenney, better known as Tfue, ran into a singular Bug from the Vending Machines that threatens to ruin the game experience of the island's explorers of battle royale of Epic Games should it not be resolved as soon as possible

From the pages of its official Twitch channel, the increasingly famous FaSe Clan's eSport champion showed how the changes made by Epic to Automatic Distributors with Fortnite's v8.10 update has opened up a pretty serious gameplay flaw.

In the company of Team Liquid's friend Ryan "Chap" Chaplo, Tfue found a way to use a bug to get more items for free from the distributor before it is destroyed. To be able to use the exploit and acquire a number of objects and equipment items not foreseen by the game, explains Tfue, it is sufficient to settle a rapid sequence of shots at the digital distributor with a teammate in the immediate vicinity and wait for the rain of consumables arising from the explosion of macchinetta

At the bottom of the news you will find the record of the moment when Tfue ran into this bug: as often happens in these cases, our advice does not may be that of not to use this exploit to avoid the ban from Fortnite Battaglia Reale's servers. Definitely less "compromising" than this exploit are the rumors about the Week 3 Challenges that are circulating on the web at this time.

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