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Fortnite: the Dragon Eggs will hatch during Season 8?

The spasmodic wait for the opening of the Season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royal is pushing all the dataminer to sift through the lines of the shooter code of Epic to look for clues about the news that we will experiment starting from 28 February .

Despite the datamining of the last update has not yet revealed any information, to run to our rescue we think directly Donald Mustard . [19659003InfactfromthepagesofhisofficialTwitterprofiletheWorldwideCreativeDirectorofEpicGameshastakenoverthesecondpiratethemeteaserofSeason8ofFortniteaddingtoitthesimpleemoteofanegg

The indication given to us by Mustard, as will have certainly intuited the fans of the epic battle royale of Epic, brings us ideally in the basement of the castle of the King of the Ice and, more precisely, in the dark st anze that host the nests of the mysterious Eggs of Dragon.

To want to pay attention to the high leader of the US colossus videogame, therefore, the beings hatched in the draconic eggs of the castle of Picco Polare should represent "the soul of the party" that will take place between 27 and 28 February in coincidence with the ingame event that will sanction the end of the winter-themed season and the definitive advent of the Season 8 of Fortnite Battaglia Reale.

To definitively solve this enigma, in any case, just wait a few more days: in the meantime, here's a detailed article on Season 8 of Fortnite by Antonio Izzo .

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