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Fortnite: the Driftboard has been removed from Save the World

With the Fortune update 7.40 the Driftboard was introduced in the classic Battle Royale and in Save the World . Epic Games has decided to remove the object from the latter mode because of some problems reported by numerous users

If indeed in Battle Royale the situation could be under control, in Save the World the Driftboard turned out to be a real forge of bug . The vehicle in fact jolted the players along the map quite randomly, especially when the latter were hit, causing a wave of frustration among users.

But it was not the only problem related to it that was highlighted: it seems indeed that the object also interfered with the turrets and the Forzieri della Tempesta, and above all that it was used by some users not to be branded as AFK (Away From Keyboard), thus starting the mission and then absent from all without problems

Hence the decision of the last hours of Epic Games communicated through a Tweet, to remove the object from the Save the World mode, according to them because of "a problem" , although those highlighted seem to be well over one.

What do you think? Had you already encountered some difficulties concerning the Driftboard?

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