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Fortnite The Fugue: new challenges are coming Raise the Post!

Together with Fortnite 8.10 the La Fuga event was reintroduced, which had made its appearance last year with considerable success. For the occasion, Epic also proposes Challenges Raises the Post with new rewards for the players.

The Challenges are officially matches at 3:00 pm on Thursday, March 14th, new event The Escape will be available throughout the weekend along with seven Challenges Raise the Post which, once completed, will reward you with numerous bonuses such as a themed pick, the spray, a trail and exclusive decorative backs . To see the complete list of Challenges, all you have to do is access Fortnite La Fuga, you have until March 18 to complete them all and receive exclusive rewards.

We remind you that Fortnite Challenges Season 8 are also available from today. Week 3 including Search in the Magnifying Glass on the Treasure Map and Use the Gyrosphere in different games, in the next few hours on these pages you will find guides to all Week 3 Challenges and Challenges Raise the Post. [19659003] The Jolly skin associated with Alza the Post will soon be available also in the in-game store, as revealed by a leak of Fortnite 8.10 skins occurred this morning.

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