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Fortnite: the reactions of the streamer and the community to the patch 8.10

Fortnite Update 8.10 brought several new features to Epic Games' Battle Royale from the new vehicle, the Girosfera, to vending machine modifications and more, and most of the community looks like having reacted positively to the changes.

Particularly among the most appreciated new objects there seems to be the new vehicle, which offers a new way to move around for the players and be protected at the same time, as if you were inside a hamster ball. Ninja and Timthetatman among the most popular, seem to have enjoyed the new addition, which they have honored in several clips and videos posted on their official channels of Twitter and Twitch .

Not everyone, however, says they are excited about the Fortnite update: there are those who point the finger at the continuous crashes of the game and those who only appreciated the new animations, considering the rest of the additions superfluous or in the worst case, malicious.

You can take a look at the reactions of the most popular streamer and the most active members of the highly popular Battle Royale commuity, in their tweets at the bottom of the news. For more information on Fortnite update 8.10, see our news

And what do you think about the latest game update? Are you happy with the changes? Tell us in the comments!

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