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Fortnite Update 8.40: even the Creative Mode is updated with many new features!

As announced, the 8.40 Fortnite update was made available in the morning, which brought the usual amount of news and changes to Epic Games' famous Battle Royale. Let's see together what changes have been made regarding the Creative Mode.

First of all the Ordigno was introduced, which will bring destruction and demolition to levels never seen before, while some new customization possibilities have been added to scroll the rankings.

As previously leaked, the epic and legendary variants for the Fortnite assault rifle have been confirmed. As for the portals Isola they are now displayed as doors towards the games in evidence, and the text above is simplified, to show the name of the creator and the island itself, while approaching the portal will come instead an animated description of it is displayed.

A large number of bugs have been solved, including the one that allowed the starting of several games simultaneously on different islands, and corrected some errors with the use of the telephone.

Also with regard to the prefabricated several errors were corrected and the submarine, the Arctic submarine and the helicopter were added to the Auto Gallery A.

In addition to the arrival of the 'device, as regards the devices, the Creature of creatures has been updated, which now shows the ray of generation and it is also possible to generate creatures through walls.

I am infin and new customization options have been added regarding the user interface.

All the changes in detail, you can find them in the official note patches

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What do you think of these changes? You are already at work in the new update of Battle Royale ?

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