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Fortnite update 9.01: all the new features of Salva il Mondo

As we are telling you, Epic Games has released the known patches of the expected update 9.01 of Fortnite which will be online today. After analyzing the novelties of the Creative Mode and the novelties of the Royal Battle, let's discover together what's new on the front Save the World.

First of all the new simulation WarGames Baccelli di Nebbia has been added, in which you need to find these pods before they generate a horde of mini-bosses. This means more chances to get event tickets, a new player banner and more variety of daily assignments.

A new hero has also been introduced in the Event Shop: it is Izza prehistorica a new manufacturer Dinosaur . Finally a series of bugs has been corrected and various improvements have been made to the general structure of Fortnite . For example, depositing the Blub on top of the radar tower now no longer causes the game to crash:

Since this is a minor update, the news are practically all those we've listed, but to give you an even better idea of all the changes you have made, you can take a look at the official patches on the Epic Games website

To learn more about Fortnite Season 9, you can read our in-depth information on our website, giving a look in the meantime maybe even updating the Fortnite Shop today.

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