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Fortnite: users ask for the introduction of a steampunk set

More and more Fortnite Battaglia Reale artists and enthusiasts are trying to imagine new features or accessories for personalizing the characters that could be added to the game.

The last of these proposals, arrived on Reddit, concerns a set of steampunk-themed objects entitled Clocks & Cogs . The artist Recade15 has in fact designed a costume, Steamworks, perfectly in line with the style and equipped with a pair of mechanical wings in the form of a decorative back and called Refined Wings. According to the concept of the user it would be a rare skin (blue) and, therefore, the cost should be 1,200 V-Buck, the equivalent of € 12.00. At the moment the image is having some success on Reddit and it is not to be excluded that the developers can draw inspiration for one of the upcoming costumes. It would not be the first time Epic Games has published a skin inspired by the work of fans and the Tender Defender is an example.

We remind you that the update to version 8.40, which has introduced the Ordigno, and the dataminers have already got their hands on the skins coming into the store.

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