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Fortnite: Visit a giant phone, large piano and trophy and form of dancing fish

The new Challenges of Week 2 of Fortnite Season 9 are finally available. In this mini-guide we will show you how to complete the challenge of visiting a giant phone, a grand piano and a trophy in the shape of a dancing fish.

Below is a list of all Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 Challenges, highlighting that that we have been examining in this mini-guide.

Fortnite Week 2 Challenges Season 9


  • Launch out of 5 Shockwaves in various games
  • Eliminate 3 enemies at Unleashed Steps or Condotti Confusi
  • Challenge in Phases: lands at Snob Beaches

Pass Battaglia

  • Visit a giant phone, a large piano and a trophy and form of dancing fish
  • Find 3 chests in different locations named in a single match
  • Inflict at least 500 damage with guns
  • Phases Challenge: eliminate an enemy from at least 50 meters

To complete this challenge you will have to visit a giant phone, a large plane and a trophy a form of dancing fish on the island of Royal Battle. Where are these objects located? As you can see on the map below, just visit one of the two giant telephones (one north of Laguna Languida and another south-west of Lande Letali), the large floor east of Retreat Retreat and the fish-shaped trophy southwest of Mega Mall .

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate the objects in question, you can watch the proposed movie at the opening. How is Fortbyte hunting going? We recall that on our pages we have already explained to you how to find the Fortbyte 81.

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