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Fortnite: what do you think of the Drum Gun?

Fortnite's Gun Pistol was reintroduced into the Royal Battle after receiving a warm welcome during the event Returning from the Warehouse in the last few hours Epic Games started sending surveys to ask for an opinion on this weapon …

According to Twitter, many players have received a request to participate in a survey of their own Tamburo gun: Epic Games asks to evaluate the introduction of the Drum Gun and its qualities with a score between one and five stars. Evidently the developers want to make sure that this firearm corresponds to the needs of the community, after having been forced to remove it in the past because it is too unbalanced.

We remember that the 9.10 Fortnite update coming this morning will introduce a new weapon, the Rifle Tactical Assault, already revealed by a leak over the weekend. The update will arrive between 10:00 and 12:00 (Italian time), stay on these pages to discover the potential of the Tactical Assault Rifle .

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