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Fortnite: Will the new Sharky Shrubs hub zone debut with Season 8?

A new map area of ​​ Fortnite was unveiled in advance from a leak related to a … backpack! The brand Sprayground produced a backpack dedicated to the Battle Royale of Epic Games which on the front depicts the area Sharky Shrubs not yet present in the game.

Sharky Shrubs should be one of the new points of interest (POI) of Fortnite Season 8, unfortunately at the moment there are no other details about it, difficult to know more from a simple image printed on a backpack, but we are sure that the first official information about it should not be too late, apparently Sharky Shrubs seems to be a lake populated by fierce sharks …

Fortnite Season 8 will officially start on Thursday 28 February, according to the latest leak the new season of the Battle Royale of Epic Games will have as its theme the pirates, in this sense a hub like Sharky Shrubs proves definitely suitable to the atmosphere of the next but season.

This night there have been two other earthquakes in Fortnite that have caused so many cracks and chasms in the map, the seismic events will continue in the coming days and will kick off, according to experts, to the Season 8 . In the afternoon Epic should also publish a new teaser image of Fortnite 8, we will certainly know more in the next hours.

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