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From Asura

After years of waiting, PlayStation Now has finally arrived in Italy, allowing many new players to access over 600 titles from three different generations of consoles.

The vast catalog, in addition to including some classics that have made history as Red Dead Redemption, can also boast some undisputed pearls less famous but not for this undeserving of attention. We therefore decided to select six of them, two of which were released on PlayStation 2 and four on PlayStation 3, and to explain the reason why you should definitely not miss them .

The first one we can recommend warmly it is Asura's Wrath title of Cyber ​​Connect 2 that, despite the over seven years on the rump, remains one of the most original and spectacular action games around. It is also impossible not to mention Forbidden Siren a horror with a strong Japanese imprint that in 2004 terrorized a vast audience of players, and Spec Ops: The Line which despite its mechanical rather basic shooters, it boasts one of the most successful narrative compartments of all time.

We let the other three games show you to you: find the Special Video attached at the beginning of the news. If you want to learn more about the subject, you can also find the special PlayStation Now games to be rediscovered by Gabriele Ferrara.

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