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From Soul Reaver to Chrono Trigger: five remakes that we would like … in a video

Looking to the future is fundamental, but we must not underestimate the great classics of the past that at the time of their release have managed to set new quality standards. There are many games that could gain further visibility and new life thanks to a remake but we decided to select five really worthy.

The first that came to mind was Chrono Trigger one of the greatest incarnations of the JRPG genre and one of the best videogames ever made. He made his debut on SNES in 1995, but later also landed on PlayStation, Nintendo DS, mobile devices and PC. Even today it retains a depth that has nothing to envy to modern products. A remake with the Dragon Quest XI graphics engine would be a dream … Dino Crisis is one of the most desired titles ever, not by chance we have dedicated the first episode in our new format, My Generation. Moreover, Soul Reaver an exponent of one of the most beloved sagas of the 90s, Legacy of Kain . We are sure that he would be at ease in a period when action-adventure is experiencing a second youth.

We leave you the pleasure of discovering the other games that, in our opinion, really deserve a second chance with a remake. Before leaving to Special Video attached at the beginning of the news, we invite you to express your opinion in the comments: what are the titles you would like to review in an updated and up to date?

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