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G2 Esports and its way to the fifth crown – Free Games Apk

 The G2 Esports roster celebrating the LEC title

The changes in G2 Esports have been the culprits of success. They are preceded by a disastrous season of the European team last year . After failing to lift any of the two titles of the already defunct European LCS, it was possible to foresee movements of chairs in the team. In addition, his amazing performance in the World Cup was another motivation to change the weak points of the team. Martin " Wunder " Hansen was the best in his position, Marcin " Jankos " Jankowski the most experienced player and Luka " Perkz " Perkovic, a prodigy. This base could be improved.

The arrival of Caps

The lower lane was the weak link of the quintet. The signing of Rasmus "Caps" Winther rumbled the entire European scene and moved Perkz to the position of shooter. The self-confidence of Caps with 18 years made him the ideal piece, even more when he finished contract with Fnatic. Perkz changed the line to be the best in Europe : "I wanted to have the best possible team". And he made it clear in LoLEsports: "I would not have changed roles if Caps had not arrived."

The signing of Caps were two signings in one when moving Perkz . To finish embroidering the project, Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle came. With this quintet, G2 Esports had the possibility to play anything, and he has done so. The most difficult thing about facing G2, regardless of his great individual level, is draftear against them, because nobody knows in what way they can surprise.

The regular season of G2 Esports

The samurai They started very strong in the new League Of Legends European Championship. On the one hand, there were games where they destroyed the rival from the beginning. On the other, there were also maps where they were carried away and seemed lost . However, the individual and collective superiority always made them overcome the games.

The objective of G2 Esports was to match that 18-0 of Fnatic. But Origin appeared in week 5, on February 16, to break the streak . Despite not being able to make the record, the super team continued with the victories until the "disastrous" last weeks. Lost against SK Gaming, Splyce, Fnatic and Misfits . What happened to the team? He had to come to the fore, GrabbZ, his technician, on Twitter to comment on the physical problems of Mikyx .

G2 Esports in Playoffs, another team

Far from being weak, as in that last stretch of the season, the boys of Carlos "Ocelote" Rodríguez punched the table in the semifinals against Origen . Even with a better phase of election Alphari, Kold, Nukeduck, Patrik and Mithy could not beat Goliath. Since that game there was no series; André Gilhoto's team collapsed completely. It was a 3-0 blunt that left no doubt.

If the semi-final was a punch on the table, the final was to break the table in two. G2 Esports gave an authentic recital in a final that will go down in history due to the forcefulness and speed of it . The funnel was rescued on the second map and they devoured Origen completely. In the last game the record was broken to the fastest map in European competition with 18 minutes and 15 seconds .

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We all wonder how far this team can go. If this will be the year in which we will see again a European World Cup or if they will make a good face in the MSI . A Mid-Season Invitational that begins on May 1 and ends on the 19th of the same month. Will we see G2 Esports lift that international title?

G2 Esports and its way to the fifth crown

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