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G2 Esports and SKT T1 will be measured in the semifinals of the MSI infarction

 The four semifinal teams of the MSI.

Some had doubts about which would be the semifinals of MSI after the fall of G2 Esports to third place. Although Invictus Gaming could select them as rivals for semis, it finally leaves us a cross between G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1 after electing Team Liquid.

The best-of-five series will be very different from the group stage

The group stage for G2 Esports has been a roller coaster of emotions. They started very strong by beating SKT T1 at the premiere of MSI ( Mid-Season Invitational ). Moreover, they also subdued the Koreans in the second match and crushed Flash Wolves.

 Caps playing a game at MSI
Can "babyfaker" beat the SKT T1 captain again?

However, lost the reins in games where they were favorites like against Phong Vũ Buffalo . The Europeans succumbed to the Vietnamese on two occasions. And these were not his only defeats. They saw their nexus destroyed in the two maps against Invictus Gaming -although they almost won the second- and, with the certified classification, they were let go before Team Liquid being relegated from second place to third

For its part, SKT has won everything except a map against Invictus Gaming and the two against G2 Esports . Koreans are seen more secure in the game, less emotional. Something that weighed much to the Europeans in their second map against Invictus Gaming, the lack of temper.

 Quintet of the MSI 2019 of SK Telecom T1
SK Telecom T1 has been rebuilt since the World Cup in 2017. [19659012] The keys of the semis of the MSI

On the part of G2 Esports the strong points are clear. His flexibility when choosing champions and forming compositions is overwhelming . This provides an enrichment draft that is key in any series. The maps will go through cancel Khan and Faker the two SKT T1 cracks. And the individualities of Wunder and Caps .

On the part of SKT T1 their strong point they have in the team fights, where they give the maximum, as in the control of the map. If a game is extended against the Koreans, you have to be very careful. Historically, are the best at reading the map and minimizing errors . However, maybe, this does not work before the Rock 'n' Roll of Wunder and company .

 Faker with his teammates entering the stage
Faker believes that G2 is not much better than the Last year

Faker: "In a better than five we have very few options to lose"

Faker the flagship of T1 made some striking statements for Korizon. The South Korean shows a lot of security and highlights the strength of the team in the best of five. "When we are in the BO5 we have very few options to lose" he made an allusion to the series on Saturday 18 at 9:00 in the morning (peninsular time). He also points out that his direct result has greatly influenced the classification of G2 Esports: "I think G2 is up because we lost twice against them. If not, they would be in the lower area ".

Invictus Gaming would be the final big boss

Pass whoever passes, something is certain, they will have to face Invictus Gaming . Except bell, Team Liquid has nothing to do against the Chinese team who has only lost one game in all MSI . Therefore, those of TheShy are the rival to beat.

SKT has succeeded, the question is whether they will be able to deal with them in a series of five . The other possibility is that it is G2 Esports who faces them. The Europeans were very close to beating them. Surely they have aces on the sleeve that they would show in the final . The key could be to see the best Wunder and a Caps that can overcome Rookie.

G2 Esports and SKT T1 will be measured in a semifinal MSI infarction.

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