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G2 Esports crushes Origen and becomes champion of the LEC –

 G2 players lift the LEC title

Last night we lived the fastest final in the history of the competitive League of Legends in Europe. Only 74 minutes and 32 seconds was enough to G2 Esports to defeat Origin in the three disputed maps. The guys from Ocelote proved to be very superior to their rivals and they won the title. The G2 domain in Europe makes them the continent's great hope ahead of the international tournaments.

 The flag bearers of G2 and Origin wave their banners.
The opening ceremony of the final It was really exciting. Photo via @lolesports

The samurai took their fifth European title on a night to remember. The players of Origin could not do anything against the level of G2. The Danish team had just overcome Fnatic with a lot of superiority. However, it could only make the cut on the first map.

The first map, the most even

In fact, Origin came to get ahead in gold in the first game. Erlend " Nukeduck " Holm was getting very strong with Ryze after some errors of G2 and the things were put of face for Origin. In addition, the botlane of the boys of Guilhoto had gone well of the phase of lines before the Taric-Sona of G2 . In spite of this, things would be twisted with the passing of minutes.

 Perkz and Mikyx comment on the game after the victory
After winning the first map, the G2 players came out confident from the stage. Photo via @lolesports

With the game quite even, G2 only needed five minutes to turn the game around and shoot down the enemy nexus. After dominating two teamfights and taking over Baron Nashor they got the necessary advantage to take over the game. It was the only map on which Origen could stand up to G2

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"Funnel" of G2 Esports in the second game

The second map was vital for to completely demoralize Origen . The Danes decided to use the strategy of Taric-Sona in botlane used by G2 in the previous game. However, the champion's response was resounding. It was Luca " Perkz " Perkovic the player who would have smite between his invoker spells. G2 Esports gave a twist to his style of play that disoriented the pupils of André Guilhoto.

Origin relied on the power of its composition for the teamfights . However, the versatility of the double jungle allowed G2 to gain a lot of advantage at the beginning . In something more than 25 minutes the Ocelote guys knocked down the enemy nexus by making it clear who would be the champion of the night.

Origin arrived surrendered to the third game

After the demonstration of superiority of G2 In the second map, the guys from Origin sat down demotivated to play the third game. Ocelote himself commented that his players "are capable of playing whatever comes out of their heads " before the beginning of the third map. The guys from G2 confirmed their superiority by knocking out Origen in just 18 minutes .

 G2 Esports Finals LEC
The last game played was the fastest in the history of European competition. Photo via @lolesports

G2 Esports passed over Origin on the last map. They won all the lines and strategies before an Origin that was already KO before starting. In this way G2 was crowned champion of Europe and becomes the great hope of the continent in the next MSI which begins on May 1 . ] G2 Esports crushes Origen and becomes champion of the LEC

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