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Game Development courses on offer for 9.99 euros on Udemy, discounted by over 90%

To celebrate the achievement of 30 million students, Udemy the industry's leading eLearning platform in Italy and around the world, presents a new exclusive offer on the best courses of Game Development (development, design, programming, AI, graphic engines), now available at a price of 9.99 euros, with discounts over 90% of the list price.

Udemy allows access to courses from all major devices, including desktop PCs and laptops, smartphones and tablets Android, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, to learn where and when you want, according to your pace, your times and your availability. On Udemy lessons are available dedicated to the most popular engines like Unreal Engine Game Maker and Unity guides on development of mobile games and programming languages ​​(Xcode, Objective C, Python, C ++ and many others), Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, 2D and 3D animation IA and many other key related aspects to the design, development and marketing of a complete video game for PCs, Mac consoles and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android smartphones. Following are some of the courses on offer, the complete and updated list is available on the Game Development Courses page of the Udemy website

Unreal Engine 4: from the basics to a video game in VR

Create games in Virtual Reality using Unreal Engine 4 the world's most used video game development engine. The complete course is divided into 22 lessons with over five hours of video and nine freely downloadable resources. Among the objectives, learn to create a game and a VR environment from scratch, learn the basics of development with Unreal Engine and create dynamic interactive scenes.

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Professional Game Development with Unity 3D and C #

Learn to develop applications with C # and Unity 3D thanks to the tutorials and projects included in the course, divided into 54 lessons with over nine hours of video lessons and 7 downloadable resources.

Unity Basic Course Vol.1 (Italian)

Course dedicated to beginners useful for learning to develop games and applications, programming in C # language and importing / exporting assets between Maya and Unity. The basic Unity course is divided into 119 lessons and 9.5 hours of video on demand.

Android Games: create and publish games for Android with Unity

99 lessons and 23.5 hours of video for this course dedicated to all those who want to learn how to create and publish games for Android (the most widespread mobile operating system in the world) using the Unity engine. At the end of the course you will be able to create and publish 2D / 3D games for Android by learning about the tools of the Play Store and the main Google gaming services such as online rankings.

Unreal Engine 4: from the basics to a Stealth Game

The last course that we recommend is dedicated to Unreal Engine 4 and will allow you to learn how to manage all the aspects necessary for the creation of a stealth game starting from the basics . At the end of the course (85 lessons and 21 hours of video) you will learn to use the Unreal Engine 4 editor to manage your project, create a gameplay respecting the motor paradigms and build logical sequences using the Blueprint / Kismet2 tool. [19659014] Buy for 9.99 euros (instead of 199.99 euros)

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The promotions Udemy on the Game Development courses are valid only for a few days, the prices are discounted by over 90% on the list price, a really interesting opportunity for all those who want to start making video games or to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

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