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GameStop USA: new policy for the repayment of securities within 48 hours of launch

Interesting promotion the one launched by GameStop USA for the moment active only in US territory: the retail giant has indeed announced the arrival of a new promotion thanks to which it will be possible to obtain a total refund of a video game, if reported 48 hours after launch.

The promotion also applies to games purchased, opened and used, and is called "Guarandeed to Love It ". Naturally it will present limitations: for example it will be valid only on a limited catalog and for the moment the only game for which it is valid is Days Gone arriving April 26 (by the way, you read our preview of Days Gone?).

With this promotion it will be possible to buy the game on April 26th, and bring it back on April 28th by receiving a total refund in credit that can be spent in the store (so no cash, of course) and if on one hand it could encourage some scoundrel to try ultra-fast full immersion in a game, in order to finish it within the agreed 48 hours and receive the refund on the other it is a good way to try also quite thoroughly a videogame, having a sort of "parachute" if the latter doesn't convince us.

We remember for how, as said in the opening, for the moment the promotion is relative only to the US market [1 9459006]and it is not certain that it will arrive in the future also in Italy. Would you like it? Meanwhile, for Italian offers, take a look at GameStop's Easter flyer.

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