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Gear Box and PAX East: Borderlands Developer Teaser Campaign continues

It seems that Gear Box is looking forward to the PAX East 2019 . The Software House is in fact publishing almost daily Tweets dedicated to its presence at the event.

It all started last Tuesday 12 March, when the official Twitter account of Gear Box published a chirping that seemed to indicate in a rather convincing way a possible announcement of Borderlands 3. The next day, the Software published an additional Teaser image on the well-known social network, accompanying it to the text " It's time to anticipate another game for PAX ! ". Difficult to interpret, the latter seems to refer to sci-fi atmospheres. A third image finally appeared yesterday, pushing to suggest a possible arrival of Borderlands 2 on Nintendo Switch.

Apparently, the Software House looks forward to the moment of its participation in the event scheduled in Boston, because even today he has decided to publish a Tweet dedicated to an alleged new Gear Box game . As you can see from the twitter you find at the bottom of this news, the clues published on the social media become more and more mysterious as the days go by. The words supporting the image are the same, "It's time to anticipate a new game for the PAX" but what is represented is definitely difficult to interpret. Attached to the Tweet we find in fact only a red "&" on a black background. Fortunately, there are many days to the start of the event, which will debut on Thursday, March 28 !

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