Goblin Squad announced, first game of the Italian Event Horizon studio


34BigThings is happy to announce that the first game of Event Horizon Studios Goblin Squad will be released on 10 May 2019! Event Horizon Studios (EH Studios for short) is the development department of Event Horizon School, one of the largest multimedia schools in Italy.

"We have been partners of the school since its foundation" says Valerio Di Donato, CEO of 34BigThings, "and we have recommended and taught many students since then. EH Studios is by the teachers of our branch in Turin, and have already demonstrated their abilities by transforming the game 'Voodoo' into 'TITANS: Dawn of Tribes' ". In Goblin Squad the players will manage a command of goblin hungry for glory and power, determined to take down a realm of humans (and steal more gold and food than they can). The combat system is turn-based.

"The game was born as our end-of-year project over four years ago "says Gabriele Gallo, Game Designer of Goblin Squad and professor of Game Design at Horizon Event Turin – " and was initially conceived as a set between chess and XCOM. Obviously, the project has been reduced to something more manageable for a small team like ours, but we are still very satisfied with the goal achieved ".