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God of War: here are the splendid statues of Kratos, Baldur and Atreus, labeled Prime 1 Studio

If you are an avid fan of the last God of War and you are not satisfied with simple action figures already on sale in all stores, the new statues by Prime 1 Studio could be for you.

The company , specialized in creating collectible statues as beautiful as they are expensive, has announced the arrival of two products inspired by the protagonists of the exclusive PlayStation 4. The first statue depicts Kratos with the set of Ivaldi and his son Atreus , while the second very bad Baldur . The peculiarity of the two objects is that they can be placed next to each other to give life to a beautiful diorama. Unfortunately the details on the state have not been disclosed on the official website, but since these are products related to the Ultimate Premium Masterline series we must expect massive objects from the point of view of both weight and size. The price should also be quite high and, according to the average of the products of the same line, it is difficult for you to bring each product home with less than $ 1,000.

Waiting for the reservations of both statues to be opened on the official Prime website 1 Studio, you can register for the newsletter to receive an email when the pre-orders will be opened. On the site it is also possible to take a first look at the upcoming incoming statues such as Ludens (the mascot of Kojima Productions), Nero and Dante of Devil May Cry 5.

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Before leaving you to the images of the products, we remind you that on PlayStation Store has arrived the new God of War avatars, published for the anniversary of the game and available in a single free package. Have you already seen the beautiful cosplay of the Valkyrie Rota, one of the bosses present in the title Santa Monica?

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