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God of War: the sequel unveiled by the new dynamic theme for PS4?

As noted by a particularly attentive user, the new dynamic theme of God of War published by Sony to celebrate the anniversary of the action-game directed by Cory Barlog could have revealed very subtly the arrival of the next chapter of the Kratos epic.

As you can see through the screenshot we reported at the bottom of the news, the theme presents an inscription composed of mysterious Nordic runes that stands on the side of the boat used by Kratos and Atreus. Proceeding with the English translation of the symbols, the following statement is obtained, which seems to be a preamble to the future of the series: " Ragnarok is coming ". With the term Ragnarok, in Norrenna mythology, a sort of Apocalypse is generally indicated in which the forces of good will clash against darkness, triggering a final battle that will first cause the destruction of the world, and then its rebirth.

Not that someone still has doubts about it, but it seems that the sequel to the Norse adventures of the Ghost of Sparta will be made : the phrase in question, in fact, seems to directly refer to the narrative development told in the last chapter of the series.

God of War 2 will presumably arrive on PlayStation 5 whose launch line-up could include, in addition to the loud Horizon Zero Dawn 2, games like Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2, as suggested by the recent statements by Mark Cerny of Sony.

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