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Google publishes Teaser Trailer: at the GDC it will reveal its vision for the

The rumors about Google's entry into the world of Gaming and the company have made their presence official at GDC 2019 have been running for a long time now. ] It is not clear today what Google intends to reveal at this year's Game Developers Conference this year. However, it seems that it could be something very interesting: Google has decided to deceive the wait with the publication of a Teaser Trailer dedicated to the announcement. As usual, you can find it directly at the beginning of the news. With a duration of only thirty seconds, it alternates inside images of different scenarios. In closing, black screen and a single date: 19 March 2019 .

The description of the Video adds a few, but significant details: " Join us on 19 March 2019 10 AM PDT in live, while we reveal Google's vision for future of Gaming ". The time indicated corresponds to the 18:00 of the Italian time zone. The most recent rumors would like Google working on a gaming console with the code name Yeti, but so far no confirmation is official. Over the last few days some alleged images have appeared that depict the controller of the new platform, but, for obvious reasons, it is very difficult to establish its reliability. However, the wait will not be long: in just a few days we will finally know the projects of Google ! What do you expect?

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