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Greedfall: the new Spiders Action RPG protagonist of our Video Preview

In recent days we flew to Paris to attend Focus Home Interactive's What's Next event, which featured a large number of publisher titles. Among these was Greedfall an action RPG by the authors of Technomancer due out later this year. During the presentation we witnessed the beginning of the adventure, discovering many details about the ambitious project

The title developed by Spiders aims to become an all-out action-RPG at the same time vast, deep and well characterized. The substance seems to be really great, even if at the moment we cannot confirm the value on longevity communicated to us by the developers, which settles between 35 and 60 hours . The combat system did not seem very brilliant in terms of mobility, but it appears deep and articulated. If coupled with a level of difficulty that is fair and well balanced, it could hold many surprises.

The Spiders guys have also been very busy also on the artistic side. The view offered by the scenarios is very respectable, just like the sound accompaniment. The same cannot be said of the technical sector, which shows the side to some critical issues. In any case, the developers still have time to work on it and improve the situation. In the meantime, we invite you to watch Video Preview attached to the top of this news. If you want to know even more, then we recommend reading the preview of Greedfall by our Tommaso "Todd" Montagnoli.

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