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GTA Online: new races are available for the RC Bandit and the creator of Arena War

The miniature chaos of the races for the RC Bandito spreads to Los Santos and Blaine County, with seven new tracks in various places, including Fort Zancudo, Paleto Forest and the Vespucci pier:

  • RC – Chaotic cargo : In Los Santos the glass is always half full. Take Elysian Island, for example. If you look beyond the poorly guarded machinery and the repeated deaths at work, you will discover a glorious opportunity to unleash a hell with radio-controlled vehicles.
  • RC – Arena Tour : What happens in the arena, stays in the arena .. but who needs to settle the accounts can always do it in the most classic of ways, with fast turns around the building with RC Bandit.
  • RC – Roaring Moles : Vespucci Pier looks like a vision provoked by a acid-based trip during a moment of relaxation. See it from a nervous radio-controlled car whizzing past 50 km / h past the cotton candy stand and getting ready to lose your head
  • RC – Hydrostatic pressure : The filtering system of the Land Act Reservoir was designed to keep up with sediments, garbage, road killings, light aircraft and human remains. How, no radio-controlled cars? There is only one way to find out.
  • RC – Tourist Route : The largest number of invasive species of the state nestles in Paleto Forest. At the top of the list are idiots with radio-controlled cars that systematically devastate an irreplaceable habitat of the area after another.
  • RC – Call to the RC : There are two ways to sneak into Fort Zancudo. One is to make friends with security guys, the other is to climb over the fence and use radio-controlled cars that are too small to be detected by radar. Choose the one you like best
  • RC – The picture is all : There are few things more hipster than a race in Mirror Park with cars so small that they can not get in.
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And now all 15 races for the Bandit RC will give GTA $ and RP doubles until March 6.

Creator of Arena War
Combine mass destruction and entertainment with the creator of Arena War, now available in GTA Online. Using any of the Arena Fighters vehicles, create your own Deathmatches and Arena Races by choosing from the Futurshock, Apocalypse and Nightmare styles. Place the arena lighting and accessories as you practice your maniac laughter, in anticipation of when your friends will tell you that you can stand out against your creations.

In addition, After Hours vehicles , including the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, the Declasse Scramjet and many others, can be used in other Creator modes. We have also added the ability to remove some decorations from the race creator. After placing a checkpoint in a race, use the Remove Decoration tool from the Placement menu to remove up to 25 items from the map, including street signs, street lamps and more. To help you get started, we have updated our very useful guides to the Creator in the Social Club, which now includes the one for Arena War. You can also find guides for the other Creator modes.

GTA $ doubles and RP bonuses
In addition to the double rewards in all the races for the RC Bandit, you get double the money and you go up faster in level in all the missions received from contacts, in stunt races created by Rockstar and in explosive speed mode (Remix). It's also a good time to start getting bones, in fact the guards and the associates will receive a double salary.

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Business Struggle
Take on the rivals in a fight between business in Freemode this week to get a chance to receive these fantastic jerseys dedicated to radios and vehicle manufacturers (over 50,000 GTA $):

  • Channel X shirt
  • Rebel Radio shirt
  • MTL t-shirt
  • Jobuilt t-shirt

Arena War Discounts
Give a boost to your career in Arena War with a 30% discount on many Arena Fighters vehicles and other equipment:

  • Arena Workshops – 30% discount
  • Arena Mechanic – 30% discount
  • Scarab Arena Fighter – 30% discount
  • Arena Fighter Imperator – 30% discount
  • Brutus Arena Fighter – 30% discount
  • Weapons for vehicles of the Arena – 30% discount
  • Blind ature for Arena vehicles – 30% discount
  • Vertical jump for Arena vehicles – 30% discount
  • Turbo for Arena vehicles – 30% discount
  • Changes to the bodywork in the Arena 'Arena (Blades, spikes and safety cages) – 30% discount

Discounts on selected properties
Expand your bases of illicit traffic thanks to the 30% discount on these properties:

  • Offices – 30% off
  • Warehouses for special loads – 30% off
  • Night club – 30% off
  • Hangars – 30% off
  • Bunkers – 30% off

Discounts on vehicles and changes
Improve your car collection thanks to a 35% discount on three elegant racing cars, or change those you already have with the 30% discount on a series of changes and improvements. [19659017] Mobile Operating Center – 30% off

  • Mammoth Avenger – 30% off
  • Edit in Elegy Retro c ustom – 35% discount
  • Pegassi Tempesta – 35% discount
  • Overflod Entity XXR – 35% discount
  • Brakes and maneuverability (vehicles and aircraft) – 30% discount
  • Coffins – 30% discount
  • Neon Kit – 30% off
  • Spoiler – 30% off
  • Miniskirts – 30% off
  • Turbo – 30% off
  • Bulletproof tires – 30% off [19659009] Soundtrack by Arena War
    The official soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto Online: Arena War will be available from Friday, March 1st. It will feature new tracks from our friends HEALTH, the artists behind the soundtrack of Max Payne 3 (you can also find their single High Pressure Dave on Radio Mirror Park in GTAV). The official Arena War soundtrack will contain exclusive tracks, created especially for Arena War.

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