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Guerrilla Games: the number of developers has doubled within a year

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Hermen Hulst managing director and co-founder of Guerrilla Games announced that the number of developers employed by the study has literally doubled in just one year.

Following the incredible success of Horizon: Zero Dawn which recently broke through the ten million copies sold, the Dutch studio has started an expansion of its staff. It is really very nice to know, therefore, that many of the new employees are female. After all, we would not have expected anything else from those who gave birth to Aloy an incredibly charismatic character who, thanks to his strength and determination, has entered right into the collective imagination inspiring numerous women around the world. For the occasion, Hulst has also published a group photo with all the developers of the company: find it at the bottom of the news

Guerrilla Games is definitely at work on a new project, even if at the moment its nature is completely unknown. It could be the following of Horizon: Zero Dawn, even if it is not excluded that it could be something completely new. In all likelihood, the much-talked PlayStation 5 will be addressed to the next-generation platform.

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