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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Niantic fills the world of magic

That of Pokémon GO has been a success to say the least "magical". Throngs of aspiring coaches of all ages have poured into the streets in search of those adorable little monsters who, through augmented reality, still populate the corners of our cities. And now, many of them will be able to put the hat with the visor and sheathe the poké ball, to wear the cloak and arm a wand, possibly that of Sambuco. Niantic, in collaboration with Warner Bros., is indeed ready to repeat the same magic as Pokémon Go with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the new license title inspired by the immortal mythology created by Rowling.

By recovering the playful conditions at the base of the previous title, the game – arriving on mobile devices – invites us to once again invade the city streets. Far from being a simple clone or a banal reskin in the "potteriana" sauce of his spiritual predecessor, Wizards Unite could prove to be the proof of maturity for the study of San Francisco, which continues the path of improvement begun years he does with Ingress. To test the product in complete secrecy, we teleported to London with the same bucket used by Newt in The Crimes of Grindelwald (fortunately we do not suffer the "travel sickness"): however, once we arrived at the place, we were hit by the 'incantesimo Oscausi which prevented us from sharing with the Muggles the top secret information on the nature of production. But now that the effect is over, we can reveal the truth: get ready for battle, because the world of humans and wizards is in grave danger.

The Magicians Task Force

Did you believe that after the defeat of " you-know-who "peace would have reigned forever? Wrong: a mysterious and inexplicable event, called Calamity has spread various objects and enchanted creatures around the realm of the No-Mag .

The risk is that the world of magic will soon be unmasked: this is why the Ministry has requested the intervention and the enlistment of all the magicians sufficiently able to oppose the imminent danger. And it is here that we come into play, ready to observe on the screen of our smartphone the effects of Calamity within the human dimension. The goal is simply to find all the hidden traces and bring them back to their original home, before some Muggle realizes their presence.
To do this we will have to go down the street, strictly incognito, together with our colleagues and bring everything back to normal, so as to avoid the catastrophe. Set in the present day, after the events of I Doni della Morte Wizards Unite brings together several elements extrapolated from both the Harry Potter saga and the Fantastic Animals saga , using an iconography clearly taken from the cinematographic vision of the two fanchises. Once the application is launched, we will be catapulted into a map that remembers in all respects that of Pokémon GO : in this case, however, the icons that line the streets belong to Rowling's imaginary, creating thus a striking and suggestive contrast between the realistic vision of the human world and the fairy-tale of the magical universe. Before starting out, in any case, we will have to select both the home to which we belong and the profession in which we wish to specialize.

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Choose Gryffindor in place of Slytherin or Hufflepuff instead of Ravenclaw will influence the color of the clothing of our avatar, while decide to become a Auror a Magizoologo or a Professor will involve some modifications in terms of the skills provided, carefully listed by a special skill tree.

The progression of Wizards Unite follows in the footsteps of a rose water RPG, in which the experience gained will allow us to accumulate points and currency to level up and obtain new talents. At any time of progress we can still choose to change jobs, reinvesting the XP previously conquered. At the moment, Niantic does not seem willing to add to the list of other professions, but in a continuous support game like Wizards Unite are certainly not precluded future updates that can amplify the possibilities of the users. At present, the tripartite in Auror, Professor and Magizoologo is linked to the balancing of the combat system: exploring the map, in fact, we can come across macro towers divided into various levels, which represent a sort of " dungeon -boss fight "to be faced in the company of other magicians, up to a maximum of five participants. In each stage we will fight against specific evil creatures, to be subjected to spells. Before starting the battle each player chooses a target to be killed: the team will have a time limit to finish the mission and, if a user ends his battle before the others, can provide support to their peers without intervening directly in the clashes of others . For example, you can treat an ally in difficulty, provided you have the necessary skills and the right level of skill.

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This is a multiplayer feature as simple as it is potentially effective, able to give life to group gatherings in which collective incitement and the taste of cooperation will prevail. After all, as Silente says: " We are strong only if united ".
The fighting takes place through a mechanism that improves and deepens the capture system already seen in Pokémon GO . At the base of the dynamics of struggle there is always the need to act with the fingers on the display of the smartphone, but this time the interactivity will be much greater.

As in a role-playing game, both our avatar and the monster that hinders us have a certain number of life points: our objective will consist in moving the wand, acting on the lower edge of the screen, until the target is centered; after that we will not have to do anything else but draw in the best way the glyph that appears in front of us, so as to score the spell and hit the enemy.

When the opponent's turn comes, we will have to do the same defense process: the greater the timing and the precision in reproducing the sign, the less damage we will suffer.
Before reaching the battles in the Fortresses (often located next to the most important monuments of the city), it will become essential to improve our skills as a magician, moving around the map and starting some events, appropriately reported in the form of medallions of different colors.

In some cases, as a new Scamander, we will have to free some fantastic animals trapped in the real world, aligning the symbols that appear on the panel of our smartphone and tracing the glyphs required by the spell on duty. In other instances, however, we will meet the iconic protagonists of the saga, like Harry and Hagrid, always entangled in problematic situations: if we save them, we will be rewarded with a greater amount of experience to level up, and we will also get collectibles that will our "album of stickers". Each event is then marked by a certain degree of danger, which corresponds to the panic that would arise among the Muggles if it were discovered. Seeing the good Potter attacked by a Dementor moreover, is much more shocking to observe a tender Demiguise while wandering through the alleys of the city. In this regard, the quality of the three-dimensional modeling of the creatures seemed to us undoubtedly of good workmanship, observable at 360 degrees thanks to the achievements of augmented reality. Spread across the map, finally, there will also be many different ingredients to be collected with greed, useful for creating healing elixirs or potions that sharpen our talents. Similar raw materials can also be obtained in virtual shops called Green House and will also vary depending on the time of day and the climate of the place where we will be.

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The preparation of the potions will require, as was expected, a variable amount of time before its completion: as many other free to play for mobile systems, therefore, we will have the opportunity to speed up the process by investing the resources saved. At the moment it is not clear to what extent the outlay of real money will simplify the play experience, but we are far more than optimistic in this respect, convinced that Wizards Unite will be left to play in its entirety even without having to put your wallet in hand.

At a glance, among the objects to be found, there are also the very rare Passaporta which, if used, will open a passage to be "physically" crossed. In fact, on the display a vortex will open which will lead to another place: moving forward in its direction, we will be transported to a shop in which to grab all available resources within a predetermined period of time. The effect is incredibly pleasant, and seamlessly switching from the real world to the magical world gives Wizards Unite a sense of pleasant immersiveness. Faced with an interactive adventure that, despite its conceptual simplicity, could make the joy of all Harry Potter fans, waiting for a longer lasting test and a more advanced build our soggy is embodied by the variety of activities that will await us in the full version. Moreover, it will be essential to propose rather varied events and actions, making sure that the procedural generation of the objectives does not produce tasks that are too similar between them at close range. Rowling's mythology proposes plenty of material to diversify the monsters and missions to be completed, and we trust that the Californian team is able to reap the maximum benefit from the immense amount of ideas that the filmic and literary saga makes available. If everything goes as planned, we are ready to award 10 points to Grifond … ehm, to Niantic!

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