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Hearthstone: DreamHack suspends tournaments for its competitive circuit

Players of Hearthstone are experiencing a period not exactly clear for the competitive future of the popular card game. Last Thursday Blizzard unveiled the plans for the export of 2019 but now, a less comforting news has come to worry the community.

The circuit DreamHack for this year, has put the tournaments dedicated to Hearthstone "paused", according to the statement made on Twitter from the Chief Product Officer organization. The DreamHack is a very important part of the Hearthstone competitive scene since 2014, ie the debut of the Blizzard card game.

The series DreamHack Grand Prix was one of the most popular stages in the Hearthstone community. The organizers of the DreamHack did not provide any other specific explanations for the break of the collaboration, citing only " organizational problems ", stating that any other information remains confidential.

Regardless, the timing of this sudden cessation It seems strange, as Hearthstone's Blizzard plans for 2019 should give a little more freedom to the tournament's third-party organizers.

We'll see how the story unfolds.

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