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Hearthstone: Red Bull announces the birth of the first "The Br4wl" tournament

Red Bull announces the arrival of " The Br4wl ", a competition open to all players over 16 dedicated to Hearthstone.

To characterize the final of the tournament, it seems, will be a unique format .

The participants, in order to pass the round, will in fact have to play simultaneously against three opponents and win the greatest number of games. Who will survive, will go to the final table where, with the same rules, the winner of the tournament will be declared.

The first qualifying round will be held at COMICON on 27 and 28 April then it will be the turn of the qualifier online, to reach the final to be held in Rome on 19 June in which the 16 best players of Italy will compete to get the title. Entries are already open on the official Red Bull website.

At the COMICON event will be held inside the Area Videogames at the Red Bull stand, while, for all those who will not be present in fair, there will be the possibility to follow the qualifiers in live streaming on Red Bull's Twitch channel.

The second session will be online instead, with the qualifier of 12 and 26 May open instead to a maximum of 224 participants played in Swiss format. From each of these tournaments, which will be played in the new Best of 3 Specialist format, two winners will come out and will be able to enter the finals in Rome, for a total of 8 players. The remaining 8 will instead be invited directly by Red Bull.

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