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Hitman 2: The elusive target The Politician is now available to everyone

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive unveiled today the new Elusive Target of Hitman 2 called The Politician and available immediately for all players, even those who download the free Initial Package containing the whole map of Hawke's Bay (New Zealand) .

Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating (code name: "The Politician" ) is a former minister of trade and foreign affairs of New Zealand who fell into disgrace and forced to resign when it was discovered that his charitable organization channeled funds towards his offshore interests. After blaming the director of the organization and eliminating the evidence against him, Dame Barbara is re-establishing her reputation to regain her lost position, and public events are believed to use a double to protect herself. Players will have 10 days to complete the mission.

The latest Elusive Target, entitled The Politician, is available from March 8 to 18 on the Hawke's Bay map (New Zealand). Players will only have one chance to eliminate Barbara Keating and put an end to her deceptions once and for all. Take a look at the last post on the Elusive Target on the blog for a complete overview.

In Hitman 2, Elusive Targets are exceptional and extremely risky contracts that only remain available for a limited period of time. All players who own Hitman 2 can try their hand at these missions, but will only have one attempt to assassinate the target and complete the contract.

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