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Hitman: the 5 most creative killings in the role of the

Like every month, in February, PlayStation Plus users have been able to download a series of new free games for PlayStation 4. These include Hitman: The Complete First Season, the first season of the sixth chapter of the adventures of 47, complete with all the episodes. The essential characteristic of the saga is the creativity in conceiving each murder, whether it be carried out in an elegant or brutal way. Difficult to deny it: regardless of the method used, each of the techniques has its own artistic side, however sinister and grotesque it may be. In this article we want to offer you five of the most creative killings scored by the community in reboot of Hitman released in 2016.


To complete this contract, Agent 47 must infiltrate inside a private hospital. The goal is Erich Soders a former agent of the ICA ( International Contract Agency the same for which he currently works 47). The most creative way to eliminate it is to find and sabotage a defibrillator machine, since the target is on the site for heart problems.

During the infiltration it is essential to change disguise to reach the most internal environments of the clinic: we start from the simple cleaning technician or employee and we end up impersonating a nurse or a doctor. Once the machine is located, 47 can carry out a modification that leads to extremely deadly levels the electric discharges produced by it; then there is nothing left to do but watch the unsuspecting and vulnerable Soders run by intense discharges that end in a matter of seconds.

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Checking routine

The particularity of this contract is that it is a flashback: it is the final part of the test that 47 had to overcome to become part of the ICA. We are in 1979, inside a hangar. The ways to complete the work are many, but this is undoubtedly the most creative and exhilarating, enough to leave even the other agents present. 47 can (literally) dress the clothes of a mechanic and attract the target Jasper Knight inside a military fighter. From here, it is possible to convince him to perform a routine check of the aircraft's equipment, in this case the ejection seat.

While poor Jasper is about to find the lever of the command, 47 makes the right changes to the technical system to make sure that the ejection seat works properly. Perhaps too much: in fact, once you press the right button and pull the lever, we will see the unfortunate catapulted into the air, break down the roof of the hangar and disappear into the night. " This was definitely not planned! " exclaims immediately after one of the agents present on the spot to examine the work of the protagonist.

A little bit of topping

No cake could be tasty enough to make this death delicious for the victim in question. The task that 47 must do this time brings him to Thailand, Bangkok, on the trail of two individuals, one of whom is an indie rock singer named Jordan Cross . The latter is preparing to celebrate his twenty-seventh birthday in style, with friends, chefs and guards … giving the opportunity to 47 infiltrate the party and catch him by surprise.

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The killer wears a chef's apron, replacing the original one that should have served a beautiful vegan cake at the time of the classic birthday song. After putting the sentinels out of action and brought the cake in the main hall, in general enthusiasm, 47 waits symbolically for the moment of the blowing on the candles to push the singer's head into the cake and suffocate it. Friends assist helplessly at the last birthday of Jordan Cross.

Two minutes of his time

The contract for Novikov provides, as always, many different approaches to achieve the final result. One of the most interesting ways is to exploit a journalist who wants to interview him, but who complains about the faulty lens of his camera. Any disguise is good for infiltrating and pretending to want to help the woman: in fact, not far away, in a parking lot, 47 finds a van for television broadcasts complete with spare equipment.

Once the lens is taken, you can make a "discreet" change to the camera of the journalist, left unattended, inserting you inside the explosive. Subsequently, Agent 47 delivers the new lens to the reporter, who immediately tells Novikov to be ready for the interview. After a few minutes of patience, the two meet near the fountain outside. 47 observes the whole scene from security cameras: at any time it can detonate the hidden explosive at a distance, and conclude with a flourish the " blow and answer ".


In the chapter " Sapienza – The Icon ", the only objective is a movie star named Dino Bosco . Arrived on the set, Agent 47 discovers that there are various creative ways and (not by chance) "scenic" to eliminate it. The most spectacular of all is undoubtedly to orchestrate everything so that the actor is torn to pieces by the giant robot on the set of the film. You need nothing but the proper disguise (in this case the one for special effects) and a screwdriver.

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Once you reach the scaffolding that gives access to the control panel of the metal monster, you can sabotage the large jaws and make sure that the teeth inside become a deadly trap for anyone who gets too close. The aforementioned panel must be sabotaged at the exact moment when the director sets off to shoot the scene. In this case, the actor designated as the target of the contract will be launched towards the robot and, with the dismay of those present, crushed properly.

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