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How big will the Borderlands 3 game world be? New details from Randy Pitchford

Not content with the media hype aroused by his statements in response to Borderlands review bombing, Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford discusses Twitter with Borderlands 3 fans and reveals an interesting detail about his new game world, highly anticipated free roaming shooter.

In response to those who asked him how big the title game universe is, regarding the explosive presentation of Borderlands 3 during PAX East, Pitchford explained in no uncertain terms that "some locations are on average larger than those of the previous chapters, others will be smaller. Each setting is different from the others. Overall, the game is much larger than the past chapters" .

Considering the extraordinary extension of Borderlands 2 and, although to a lesser extent, the Pre-Sequel and the original episode recently revived in the Game of the Ye ar Edition, that "much bigger" which explicitly refers to the Gearbox item can only fuel the hopes of fans.

Both in the debut trailer and in the release video announcement , moreover, we realized the incredible variety and heterogeneity of scenarios that we will be able to explore wearing the clothes of the new Hunters of the Crypt: from the now familiar Pandora deserts to futuristic megalopolises, passing through marshes populated by gigantic monsters and of the lunar lands dominated by bizarre alien arcologies, we will indeed have a large number of places to visit to flesh out our arsenal of unpublished weapons.

Appointment at next September 13 then, to leave for the worlds Borderlands 3 aliens along with all FPS open world fans on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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