How to change the Luffy costume in One Piece World Seeker


In the new One Piece World Seeker you can customize the look of the protagonist by changing his costume . Below we explain how this feature works, and what needs to be done to unlock it within the game.

Before entering the costumes you must progress through the story to the point where you reach Thousand Sunny . To speed things up, ignore all optional events and focus on the main goal. When asked to find Chopper use the observation haki to determine its position and reach it. After that you can go to Thousand Sunny.

On the ship, head to the far right towards the last door, to the right of the stairway: you can change inside this room . Entering, in fact, you will see all the outfits currently available. Those who have preordered One Piece World Seeker should immediately see the swimsuit and a special combat suit.

To choose the costume to wear, all you have to do is select it and confirm the operation. This way you will not only change the way that Luffy will appear in the game but also his appearance during the cutscenes and the various events related to the story. If at some point you get bored of the current costume, you can return to Thousand Sunny at any time to change it.

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