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Hungrybox is attacked with a crab in a Smash Bros. tournament. Melee

 Hungrybox, player of Smash Bros. Melee

One of the most surprising news of the week is the one described by this headline. Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma had just won the 2019 Pound Grand Final against Joseph "Mang0" Marquez, when something happened flying very close to his face. It was a raw crab that someone from the audience had thrown to the Team Liquid player .

A victory with a sea flavor

Hungrybox reached the final against Mang0 by the losers bracket so he had to beat him a first time to reset on bracket . After a hard road to the brink of elimination, Jigglypuff of Hungrybox managed to snatch the title from his rival . Just as the two players shook hands, a spectator threw the dead animal at him.

Super Smash player Bros. Melee got up from his chair to ask, very angry who had thrown the crab. Later, Hungrybox asked for forgiveness in social networks blaming his behavior on how stressful it had been for him to get to the grand final of the tournament from losers bracket .

"I'm sorry for losing my composure . Someone threw me a fucking raw crab . After a tour of five sets of losers . I almost lost my mind, "Hungrybox wrote on Twitter.

One of the organizers of the event stated in a tweet that had identified the person responsible for launching the crab and had expelled him from the event . ] In addition, the offender will not be allowed to enter any future tournament and his name will be provided to other tournament organizers so they can do the same.

Hungrybox, a controversial player

The majority of the community of Smash Bros. Melee does not feel too much affection towards Hungrybox something that they have been demonstrating for many years. Much of the problem lies in the abrupt personality of the player, as well as his unorthodox play style. In addition, Hungrybox specializes in Jigglypuff, one of the most hated characters by professional title players, as well as by his viewers.

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Even with so much hatred against him, the Florida native is considered the best player in the world of Melee today . In his record there are countless awards such as the EVO 2016 and dozens of national tournaments. The reign of Hungrybox does not seem to end yet.

Hungrybox is attacked with a crab in a Smash Bros. Melee tournament

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