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IHS Analyst: Google will acquire new software houses to support Stadia

The latest issue of the MCVUK magazine reports the statements of the IHS analyst Piers Harding-Rolls regarding the role that Google will be able to carve out in the next-gen with the ambitious project of Stadia.

In discussing the opportunities opened by the 'entry into the gaming world of Big G, the director of the analytical company said he was certain of the need, for the leaders of the Mountain View giant, to embrace a business model that provides for acquisition of several software house and exclusive agreements with the most established publishers.

"While the creation of its new software house (Stadia Games and Entertainment, ed.) is a step that goes in the right direction to build its own library of exclusive content "begins the IHS analyst, " it will still be necessary to negotiate with the third parties the exclusive time to start shopping more significantly with other industry players. If Google intends to enter into serious competition with other video game giants, then the chances that it will start to acquire studies or even publishers are really high ".

Even Microsoft, curiously, seems to be of the same opinion as the analysts of IHS, reputing Google Stadia a brilliant idea and a project that, although based on an incredibly solid infrastructure, does not have the contents to be able to aspire to become a direct competitor of the current players in the gaming industry. The only certainty, from this point of view, is represented by the launch of Google Stadia, now set for the end of 2019 with access to the service and prices still being defined by Google.

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