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Impostor Factory is the new game by the authors of To the Moon

Freebird Games the indie software house that became known thanks to the touching story tells in To the Moon and then author of Finding Paradise, recently announced its next videogame project.

We're speaking of Impostor Factory a new mysterious title presented by the indie studio and by the director Kan Gao through a teaser trailer that we brought you back to the top of the news. The game will revolve around a violent murder that will need to be shed light: not really the kind of themes that the team has accustomed its fans during these years.

Moreover, it is Freebird Games itself announce a change of course decided with Impostor Factory which will represent "the end of an era for the development team" . Although the title will retain some of the elements characterizing the now recognizable direct productions from Kan Gao there will be different aspects in which this new project will differ from the past. At the moment, however, we cannot know anything more specific about it.

As reported by PC Gamer, the title should see the light by 2020 on Personal Computer. We just have to wait for any updates from Freebird Games. What kind of experience do you expect from the authors of To the Moon?

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